ECCE scheme

ECCE scheme is a free preschool year that is available to children. It is funded by the Department of Children.

Children are eligible for the ECCE scheme once they reach the year of their 3rd birthday.

we have preschool places available in our 3 preschool rooms – Sunflowers, Starlights & Scribblers.

Opening times are based around the school year.

The crèche is open throughout the summer if you wish to call in at any time, just phone Riona to make arrangements.

Opening and closing hours:

ECCE SESSIONS are 3 hours in the am.

We have 3 ECCE sessions – 9-12 am, 9.15 – 12.15 pm, & 9.30 – 12.30pm

PRESCHOOL will be closed on the following days – Bank holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas holidays and Easter holidays and midterms.


Your ECCE place is fully funded provided that you meet the criteria to qualify for a place. Your child’s date of birth determines eligibility.

FEE STRUCTURE effective from 1st September 2018

5 days per week  216.93   (incl ECCE – 152.43 over 38wks)     

4 days per week 189.23      (incl ECCE – 137.63 over 38wks)

3 days per week 155.77      (incl ECCE – 117.07 over 38wks) 

2 days per week 103.85      (incl ECCE – 78.05 over 38wks) 

Morning only 8am – 2pm  31.15 (incl ECCE – 18.25 over 38wks) 

 Free 3 hour options also available.

ECCE discounts are taken from weekly fee and are dependent on days availed of by parents.

You must have a PPS no for your child – this must be available on commencement.

ECCE forms will have to be filled in within the first week of preschool to claim the free preschool year.

We will not request a voluntary charge on a weekly or monthly basis.

However throughout the year we may incorporate into the curriculum a farm trip, a bouncy castle party, Santa presents and library visits – if and when these become available we will inform you in writing of dates, times and cost.

Should your child not wish to participate in these activities we will offer the regular school day as per ECCE contract.

You will have paid a deposit to secure your place. This is refundable to you once your child’s place on the ECCE scheme has been approved.

ECCE calender 2022/23 year:

Opened 30th August.

Closed 31st october – 4th November

Closed 23th December – 4th January

Closed 6th Feb – St Bridgets Day

Closed 13th Feb – 17th Feb – Midterm

Closed 17th March

Closed 3rd April – 14th April – Easter

Closed – Bank Holiday 1st May

Closed 5th & 6th June

Final day Tuesday 27th June.