Our Staff

When you place your child in Ashvale crèche you can rest assured that they will be receiving the highest possible care. Our staff are a dedicated team of qualified, highly competent people.

My own qualifications are in nursing and midwifery and followed by  a BA in Early Childhood care and education, and also Montessori teaching.  I am available at all times to answer questions regarding your child’s health and welfare.

Some of our staff members are parents themselves with a childcare qualifications and the wealth of knowledge being a parent brings cannot be imparted in textbooks.

All the staff members have qualifications relevant to their working environment.
All our staff are first aid qualified and are competent and able to deal with emergency situations.

We work within excellent child: staff ratios. 1staff to 3 babies in the nursery.
1 staff to every 5 – 1year old. In our preschoool room one staff to every 8 children or 11 during the ECCE session only.

We are regularly inspected by the Preschool Officer assigned to us by the Health Board, and adhere to required protocol laid down in the Childcare Regulation 2007.