Our Rooms

Ashvale crèche aims to operate as one family and we have many siblings in our care. Brothers and sisters can freely move into each others room at any time.
We have 4 different rooms as follows



This room caters for 6 babies with 2 qualified staff members.

This room is specifically for babies. Our room has a large selection of toys to stimulate the babies; mirrors, musical toys, baby gym, and much more, together with lots of love and cuddles.

With each baby we follow whatever routine they are used to. All this can be discussed freely with staff.

Staff will provide a daily record of your baby’s intake and output and sleep times.
Weaning babies onto solids will be done in accordance to the parents’ wishes.
This room has a separate sleep room with 4 cots with direct visibility from the nursery.

ashvale_creche_dreamers_lge-300x225Wobbler Room – Dreamers room

This room caters for 8 children. Children join this room around 18 – 20 months
This room provides a wide range of activities for busy little hands, involving messy play, art time, storytime and singing.
Children have lots of outdoor play during their day.
A sleep period or rest time is also provided after lunch each day.

ashvale_creche_charmers_lge-300x225Toddler Room – Charmers – (3 years)

This room caters for 10 children.
This room provides a wide range of activities for growing hands and minds.
The day involves table top work, art and craft time, circle time, story time and music and dances.
Children have a more structured day with time allocated for certain activities.
A sleep period or rest time is also provided after lunch each day if necessary.
Toilet training: will be undertaken when you feel that your child and you are both ready. Staff will always give advice and positive encouragement.

ashvale-Creche_starlights_lge-300x225Preschool Room – Starlights (4-5 years)

This spacious, bright room provides a variety of activities in a free play environment.

Montessori activities are incorporated into the day; this allows your child to experience learning by their own choice.

This room provides a variety of stimulating activities; children use work books and work sheets, free hand drawing, painting, expression through role play, music and drama. Children build up their self confidence through circle time, self expression and praise, to equip then to advance to primary school.

After school area-

We have a specific afterschool area – as we feel that their needs are very different from our younger children. We currently organise collection from schools in discussion with parents requirments.