Opening and closing hours: We are open from 07.30  to 18.00, Monday to Friday.

Ashvale crèche will be closed on the following days – Bank holidays, St. Patrick’s Day,  Easter Monday and also for one week at Christmas.

Collection of children: In Ashvale crèche we encourage only parents or carers of the child to collect or drop child off. However we understand that this may not always be practical therefore any other person who may collect the child must be recorded on the registration form and parents must notify staff verbally that another collector will be attending.

What should I bring with me: Please mark all coats, hats bags etc with permanent marker.

Daily basis: The required amount of bottles (babies).

Weekly basis: Nappies, wipes, sudocreme-  if necessary. Change of clothes for th echildren are kept in their individual boxes in creche. A bottle of Calpol to be kept in the crèche, if wished.

Illness in the crèche: To safeguard the well being of all children and staff it is vital that sick children are not brought into the crèche. Children with heavy colds or coughs are advised not to attend.

Children with any of the following symptoms will be excluded from attending: diarrhoea, vomiting, a fever of 38 C/101 F or above or any of the following: chickenpox, mumps, measles, meningitis or hepatitis. In the event of your child attending the doctor please get advice as to when it is possible to return to crèche.

A child on antibiotics must have the first 2 doses administered by their parents. Antibiotics can be administered by our staff – in accordance with our medications policy. Should a child become sick or have a temperature during the day, parents may be asked to take the child home. If you feel that your child may require Calpol or Neurofen medication please fill in a medication sheet so that staff can administer this medication. Parents will be phoned prior to Calpol being administered except in exceptional circumstances. Any medication being brought into the crèche must be given to a staff member.

Head louse infection is contagious and if a case is noticed, it will be brought to the attention of all parents immediately. We ask parents to check hair regularly.

Fees: All fees are paid monthly, in advance and standing order payment is the preferred method of paying. On commencement a deposit of 150 euro is payable, which is refunded provided Ashvale crèche is given one months notice of intention to leave. There is a non-refundable registration fee.

Places will not be secure until payment; along with registration forms have been returned. Fees must be paid when the child is not in attendance due to illness, and when the service is closed due to public holidays and Christmas.

ECCE Place Your ECCE place is fully funded provided that you meet the criteria to qualify for a place. Your child can only avail of one year of free preschool education. You must have a PPS no for your child – this must be available on 1st September.

ECCE forms will have to be filled in within the first week of preschool to claim the free preschool year.

Deposits- we request a  50 euro deposit to secure your place. This is refundable to you once the ECCE place is confirmed and providing the child does not require a 2nd year of ECCE.